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Gerber Partners With Avametric to Fuel 3-D Design

Gerber and Avametric’s new 3-D apparel platform could mark the end of a complicated production process and garment sample waste.

On Thursday, at Gerber’s Ideation Conference in Los Angeles, Gerber and Avametric, a virtual technology startup, debuted the first end-to-end 3-D platform for apparel design, development, manufacturing and consumer-facing virtual try-on applications. The new platform, which will commercially release as AccuMark V11, will provide realistic 3-D simulations to help streamline the apparel production process and enable companies to develop garments with a better fit.

“As we explored our partnership options, we technically evaluated many of the top design and development products on the market,” Avametric CEO Ari Bloom said. “Ultimately, we came to the conclusion that Gerber’s strategy and focus on 3-D was based on accurate pattern data and on usability, and we believe this is the key to a scalability of applications that meet the core needs of the fashion industry.”

As 3-D products make their way into the market in a bigger way, some remain challenging to use and can lead to issues with the apparel production process, including differences between clothing 3-D designs and actual manufactured products, in addition to apparel companies having to spend billions of dollars annually on non-recyclable garment samples. Leveraging Gerber’s AccuMark 3-D pattern design software and Avametric’s advanced apparel simulation solution, the new 3-D platform allows users to easily move from 2-D patterns to 3-D digital samples that are ready for production—potentially resulting in a savings of up to 50 percent in cost and time.

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As 3-D solution veterans, Gerber and Avametric have shared a long-term roadmap of streamlining the fashion development value chain. While Gerber develops solutions specifically for apparel design, sampling and manufacturing, Avametric has focused on consumer-facing virtual try-on applications, including FittingRoom by Avametric, which are used by some of the world’s leading apparel companies.