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60 Percent of Millennials Shop for Fashion on Amazon, And They’re Hooked

Fresh off the news that Amazon earned the distinction of America’s most-loved brand this year, a new study by Max Borges Agency uncovers some fascinating insights into how millennials in particular feel about the e-commerce firm that’s disrupted so much in retail, both online and off.

How many fashion companies out there could say their customers would rather give up some of life’s greatest pleasures and vices than go without access to those brands? Amazon, partly through its addictive Prime subscription program, has gotten millennials hooked—irreversibly, it seems—on fast and free (or cheap) shipping on top of the seemingly endless inventory offered in the digital “everything store.”

More than three quarters (77 percent) of the 1,108 surveyed millennials (defined here as those ages 18-34 years of age) told the agency they could give up booze and brews for 12 months rather than be without Amazon—though who knows how many of those were non-drinkers to begin with. Another 44 percent would prefer to suffer through a year without a roll in the hay than to not be able to get whatever they want, whenever they want on Amazon, the survey found.

It’s fairly conventional wisdom by now that most people have a zillion apps downloaded to their phones but actually use precious few. Turns out, Amazon is one of the apps millennials tap most, with 45 claiming to use it at least once daily.

And millennials don’t discriminate about suitable times or places they can shop on Amazon. They’re up in the middle of the night, scrolling through Amazon’s offerings (61 percent) or sneaking in a quick purchase while on the job (57 percent). Amazon is the preferred companion in the loo for the 47 percent who like to shop while answering nature’s call. Nearly a quarter (23 percent) are on Amazon while stuck in traffic—let’s hope they’re not behind the wheel—and another 19 percent confessed to giving Jeff Bezos their money after they’ve had one too many.

Amazon might not have yet achieved the “fashion destination” label it really seems to covet but don’t tell that to the 60 percent of millennial survey respondents who’ve purchased apparel, footwear or accessories like jewelry on the e-commerce store sometime in the past year.

The study, “How America’s Largest Living Generation Shops Amazon,” focused on millennials who had purchased a consumer tech gadget on Amazon within the previous 12 months.