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Applied DNA Sciences, Divatex Pioneer Supply Chain DNA Verified Cotton

In a world where compliance has come to reign supreme and transparency further fuels consumer confidence, the ability to authenticate fibers and fabrics is becoming increasingly key.

Applied DNA Sciences, Inc., (APDN) a provider of DNA-based anti-counterfeiting technology, supply chain and product authentication solutions partnered with home textiles supplier Divatex to commercialize the world’s first supply chain DNA-verified cotton product.

Using APDN’s patented SigNature T DNA technology, U.S.-grown cotton fibers were tagged with the noncopyable marker at the ginner and the fiber could then be verified for purity at each point along the supply chain—through spinning, weaving, cut and sew, and finally, to the consumer. Bulk quantities of this year’s pima harvest were tagged with SigNature T DNA in California’s San Joaquin Valley.

“We are excited to use this amazing new innovation to help us deliver a verified, undiluted and authentic proposition to the consumer,” said Divatex CEO David Greenstein. “It has become increasingly important to our customers that they understand what it is that they are buying, and trust they are getting what they paid for.”

The first finished product made from the tagged fiber will be on sale across the U.S. later this year, branded PimaCott.

APDN said it will license its “On-Site” DNA authentication technology to the suppliers within Divatex’s supply chain, and the cotton supply will be verified as the cotton evolves into finished goods.

“The arrangement with Divatex is strategic, retailer-driven, providing the incentive for all supply chain members to participate. Together, we will deliver an unmatched value proposition to retail and consumers in exchange for a new revenue stream from licensing of our core DNA marking technology and our On-Site DNA Authentication services,” said Dr. APDN CEO James A. Hayward. “We will be meeting with many industry brands to demonstrate the platform during NYC market week in which commitments are made for the coming harvest.”