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Asos is Bringing its AI-Powered Fit Assistant to Smartphones

Citing a successful rollout of its machine-learning sizing program on desktops and mobile sites, Asos is packing its Fit Assistant AI into a smartphone app for both IOS and Android, the company said Thursday.

Asos’s Fit Assistant gives users recommendations for sizing based on personal information and data gathered from Fit Analytics, a machine-learning sizing platform that collaborated with Asos to create the technology.

The app, designed in-house by Asos, is already available on IOS and Android and the Fit Assistant update was released in concert with the announcement—and at the busiest shopping time of the year.

Asos, a digitally-native brand from Britain, has previously used its app platform to introduce innovative features for its customer base of 20-somethings, including Style Match, a program that can match Asos products with user-submitted images to provide purchasing recommendations.

The app has proven popular with consumers—it has more than 225,000 ratings on Apple’s IOS with an average rating of 4.9 stars out of 5. Results are similar on Android, with nearly 210,000 reviews and 4.7 stars.

Now the retailer is adding another layer of functionality to the already-popular app.

“We want to do all we can to make sure our customers are getting the right size, first time,” Andy Berks, digital product director at Asos, said. “This is where ASOS Fit Assistant comes in—we can now offer personalized size recommendations across ASOS collections, exclusive labels and fashion favorites, helping make our customers’ lives easier and their shopping experience even better.”

Considering the industry buzz around the growing cost of returns, more accurate options for getting fit right the first time could end up saving both consumers and retailers time and money. Especially since Asos products top the list of the most returned merchandise thrift stores receive.