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Bamboo Rose Has a New Photo-Sharing Tool That Improves Online Collaboration

Bamboo Rose is assisting product designers, developers and retailers with a new visual tool.

The Boston-based B2B marketplace recently debuted Rose Clipper, an online tool that securely clips and saves images for instant sharing on the Bamboo Rose platform during the product development process.

“Since inspiration can spark at any time, even during a mundane task or the middle of the night, designers and developers must have readily accessible tools to capture what inspires them and be able to instantly share it,” said chief executive Sue Welch. “Rose Clipper answers this need for instant inspiration and collaboration among team members, even across multiple geographies and time zones.”

Bamboo Rose created Rose Clipper based on customer feedback in order to help product development teams quickly and safely share their ideas and concepts with colleagues. Unlike other visual platforms, such as Pinterest, Rose Clipper is a Chrome browser extension that’s able to capture images and clip them into virtual storyboards privately. Users may clip images, choose the inspiration list they want to save them to and then the images are stored in their Bamboo Rose marketplace accounts.

Rose Clipper’s built-in intellectual property protection allows users to create their own image library without using public social media accounts. Teams can instantly share concepts without the risk of exposing their ideas to competitors. As a seamless image-curating solution, Rose Clipper conceals ideas while maintaining accessibility along all product development stages.

Bamboo Rose also offers a product lifecycle management (PLM) tool that helps retailers develop and deliver products to global markets faster, more efficiently and at higher margins. Today, the marketplace serves more than 400 brands and 150,000 users, helping them keep up with consumer demands and transition smoothly to a more digital landscape.