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Bangladesh Gets Google Maps Street View

The streets of Dhaka and Chittagong in Bangladesh will now be visible across the globe as the country now has the Google Maps Street View service.

With this collaboration between Google and the Access to Information Program at the Prime Minister’s office in Bangladesh, people around the globe will have access to high-quality 360-degree imagery of the country’s capital city Dhaka and the port city Chittagong from the Internet.

Additionally, digital panoramic imagery of 40 of the country’s most important historic, heritage and tourism sites are being introduced to Google Maps.

The virtual walkthroughs via Google Street View allow international tourists or those doing business in the country to see where there facilities are located and what they look like.

Initiatives like this one are part of the country’s Vision 2021: Digital Bangladesh, an effort to leverage technology to create better opportunities for the country.

According to The Dhaka Tribune, “By introducing Google Maps with Street View in Bangladesh, we aim to boost tourism, attract foreign investment, and further enhance our economy by helping our country’s small and medium businesses go online and improve their Web presence.”

For instance, a shop owner in Old Dhaka could link the Street View images from its website and social media pages to help buyers and brands find the location.