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Benetton Launches “Made in Italy” Pullover

Benetton Group is utilizing unique knitting technology to bring consumers a new apparel item.

Next month, the Italian fashion company will debut  TV31100, its first pullover that is environmentally-friendly, functional and sustains warmth. The new garment is named after the postal code of Benetton’s first facility, which was established in 1965. Combining the brand’s rich heritage, Italian fashion influence and technological innovation, Benetton has transported 36 knitting machines to its Treviso headquarters to produce the new pullover in-house.

Created with top quality yarns, including 90 percent Merino and 10 percent cashmere, TV31100 is smooth, seamless and figure-hugging for an optimal body fit. Benetton calls TV31100 a crucial basic piece that can be worn under a jacket or winter coat, with a pencil skirt or paired with distressed denim. Available for men and women, TV31100 will comes in six colors, including blue, black, brick-red, green, purple and yellow.

TV31100 is manufactured with Whole Garment Technology, a sustainable knitting technique that minimizes yarn waste and has a reduced environmental impact on the apparel industry. Over the past 50 years, Benetton has been a leader in advanced knitting technology. Starting with looms and flat-bed knitting machines, Benetton today uses advanced knitting machines that are able to create whole garments, in addition to establishing inlays, colorful patterns and jacquard designs. With its suppliers, including Japan-based Shima Seiki, Benetton continues to bring new knitting technology innovations while maintaining a greener approach for a better environment.

TV31100 will be available as a limited-edition product in November at Benetton locations and on the company’s website.