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Body Labs Secures $2.2m for 3D Body Model Platform

New York startup Body Labs, which creates advanced 3D body models, announced Thursday that is has secured $2.2 million in seed funding to grow its body-scanning platform for the apparel manufacturing industry. The round of funding was led by venture capital firm FirstMark Capital, New York Angels and existing investors.

Body Labs creates 3D avatars of the human body from individual body scans that can move seamlessly and naturally through the entire range of motion, and that can be measured, compared, animated, dressed and manipulated to create custom-fit apparel. Designers can literally drop the avatar into a 3D design program to see how the clothes will lay and drape on the body and make fit adjustments accordingly, reducing the time between sample approvals and the overall amount of samples made.

And through its first application called BodyHub, individual customers can upload scans of their body using Microsoft Kinect or Body Labs’ app BodySnap, or by imputing their measurements into the software. Once the avatar is created, they are free for customers to use for a broad range of customized garments spanning suits to athletic apparel.

In addition to individuals, the Wall Street Journal reported Body Labs is working with the U.S. Army to develop body armor for its soldiers using Body Labs’ body scanning systems. The technology can also be applied to mass-customization of consumer products, apparel fit and performance, video gaming, product merchandising and display, fitness, and health-related applications.

Body Labs’ CEO William O’Farrell said, “Body Labs is commercializing technology based on the most comprehensive data around human body size, shape, pose and movement.” He added, “By collecting, digitizing and organizing all of this information, we’re enabling the creation of highly accurate 3D models that can serve as the interface for a host of personalized and mass-produced products and services. We are thrilled to partner with FirstMark and aim to continue growing our catalogue of digital bodies.”