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Browzwear, Adobe Bring Hyper-Realistic Texturing, Materials Tech to 3D Fashion Design

The same hyper-realistic visuals employed in video game design and motion picture special effects are making their way to the world of fashion, thanks to a new collaboration between 3D fashion technology firm Browzwear and Adobe.

Adobe’s Substance 3D texturing and materials authoring technology will now be natively integrated into both VStitcher and Lotta, Browzwear’s 3D fashion design software programs, according to a statement.

In the future, robust 3D technology like Substance will be necessary for success in the fashion industry, Browzwear said. Minimizing physical processes in the design process will also help to increase sustainability.

“The integration of Substance by Adobe in our 3D design solutions is just the first initiative in what we envision as a long and impactful relationship,” Browzwear co-founder and chief privacy officer Avihay Feld said. “As we strive to eliminate unnecessary physical processes, we are committed to an on par digital alternative which has to be realistic, accurate and ready for physical production, for this cause working with Adobe is ideal.”

Fashion designers already familiar with Lotta and VStitcher, which includes design solutions for pattern-making as well, can utilize Substance’s features to create hyper-realistic, ready-for-production print executions quickly and easily, Browzwear said.

The collaboration will simultaneously grant Adobe a stronger foothold and add to Browzwear’s 3D tech offering, the company added.

“Once a novelty in the domain of VFX and gaming, 3D technology is now core to a business’ ability to compete. Fashion is no different,” said Substance’s Francois Cottin. “By collaborating with Browzwear, Substance is helping free designers from the limitations of physical prototyping while addressing the fashion industry’s priorities of saving time, reducing costs and eliminating waste.”

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As part of the May Edition update for VStitcher and Lotta, designers will be able to upload Substance’s SBSAR-format files from Substance Designer, Substance Alchemist or Substance Source for use in the Browzwear programs.

Print executions in these programs can be customized in real-time, with the option to add visualization parameters like embossing, embroidery and foil print. Each parameter also contains a number of editing functionalities and can be understood and accessed without special knowledge of graphic design or 3D mapping, Browzwear said.

The intricate details possible within these programs create an optimized workflow, according to the fashion tech company, which will help designers and brands make informed decisions via accurate 3D representations of the end product.

Browzwear and Adobe intend to make the May Edition update just the first step of their collaboration and expect to release more features throughout the year. Browzwear will also host a webinar to showcase these updates on June 1.

Earlier in April, Browzwear partnered with the Stitch Accelerator Program to bring cutting-edge technology to fashion designers.