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3D Design Platform Browzwear Makes API Generally Available

Apparel companies working with Browzwear can now use extensions and plugins to build, customize and manage their digital workflow.

The Singapore-based 3D fashion solution has made its application programming interface (API) generally available, it announced Tuesday. With this new access, companies will be able to seamlessly connect and embed multiple applications within their existing platforms, further reinforcing the linkages between customers and partners, it said.

By utilizing Browzwear’s API, developers can build and connect extensions across a variety of fields in a range of ways, such as creating extensions that utilize assets such as trims, colors, materials, avatars and the garments themselves; building applications that evaluate the cost of goods through the surface and lengths of materials; and constructing tools that make use of colorway capabilities from editing to full automation.

Although Browzwear only just officially announced the opening up of its API, it said both clients and technology partners have already utilized it to connect technology solutions by PTC, Centric Software, Metail, BeyondXR, FNX, Trapdoor Creative, BeProduct and more.

“It is essential for companies to focus on ways to improve their overall business outcomes, and Browzwear’s Open API allows companies to enjoy a faster and more efficient way of working,” CEO Avihay Feld said in a statement. “Fashion and apparel businesses are now able to cut back on costs, time and effort with the automated and integrated processes.”

PTC’s retail business unit launched its first native and bi-directional integration between PTC FlexPLM and 3D design tools develop by Browzwear earlier this year. “Browzwear is a valued technology partner and their Open API, SDK and support were critical in enabling us to bring this level of deep and feature-rich integration to market, to help brands and retailers realize the full value of 3D and create a digital product creation workflow,” Bill Brewster, senior vice president and general manager of PTC’s retail business unit, said in a statement.

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Stacey Charbin, chief marketing officer at Centric Software, added that, “Browzwear’s rich API allows for a tight, painless integration between Browzwear and Centric PLM to support a full, end to end, 3D workflow from concept to completion, giving users the best of both worlds.” Plus, Charbin noted, Browzwear’s open platform helps Centric stay on top of upgrades and new innovations.

Earlier this month, Browzwear launched a partnership with Switzerland’s Archroma, a provider of specialty chemicals for the textile sector, that allows product developers to access thousands of colors and finishes during the design process. As a result of this collaboration, Browzwear said its users now have access to Archroma’s full, 4,320-strong selection of shades from its Color Atlas.

In September, Browzwear unveiled the results of a three-year collaboration with a fellow 3D design technology provider. Already tested with key apparel customers, such as Puma and Switzerland-based performance sportswear brand Odlo, the endeavor integrated Metail’s EcoShot 3D garment-on-model technology into Browzwear’s VStitcher design visualization tool.

The resulting EcoShot plugin is designed to remove the need for what can end up being very time-consuming collaging and Photoshop work for designers, instead helping them and their teams get a quicker sense of what their designs will look like when worn by consumers.