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Bungalow Clothing Introduces High-End Styling Service for Women

Bungalow Clothing on Friday announced the launch of a high-end online personal styling service exclusively for women.

The new service, available on Bungalow’s website, offers ladies the benefits of in-store shopping in the comfort of their own home.

Using advanced technology and a team of personal stylists, the website creates a virtual “dressing room” filled with garments chosen specifically for each woman based on her style preferences.

Grammy-winning R&B artist and Bungalow co-founder John Legend said, “We are excited to announce what women have loved about the Bungalow Clothing experience from the beginning—access to high-end brands in the most convenient way imaginable—and make the experience even richer with our one-to-one personal styling service.”

Bungalow’s new service offers a unique advantage over other online retailers in that garments are sent to a shopper’s home or office so that the women may first try on the clothes before purchasing. They need only to text Bungalow to pick up the items they do not want to purchase. Garments that they keep will be subsequently paid for by the shopper.

The e-commerce site –co-founded in 2013 by Rob Wright, Jonathan Snyder, Meital Bronstein and Legend—features high-end brands that cater to the female “fashion devotee,” including Iro, J Brand, Chaser, David Lerner, Ramy Brook and AG.

Wright said he is “proud of the great traction and positive reaction” generated so far and is “excited about this announcement.”

He continued, “Our personal styling service guarantees that Bungalow Clothing customers will get the same high-quality shopping experience online that they would in a luxury boutique but now in the convenience of their own home.”