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Caldera Turns 25, Launches Software Solution Dedicated to Industrial Textile Printing

Caldera wants to capitalize on the growing digital fabric-printing market.

The French software company, which will celebrate its 25th year in business in 2016, recently launched TextilePro, a streamlined production suite designed for industrial textile printing that it claimed can guarantee consistency during rapid turnaround.

Combining Caldera’s experience in color control with practicalities intended for companies creating industrial-scale products, the TextilePro interface allows operators to “adjust colors and designs, create custom ink sets, calculate and vary ink laydown and ensure vibrant, accurate images no matter what fabric they choose.”

In addition, designers benefit from a Photoshop plug-in for colorizing patterns and swapping swatches quickly, safe in the knowledge that the software keeps all colors in RGB—even at ICC profiling level, meaning they stay true to the original hue.

Plus, the Tex&Repeat module that’s incorporated into TextilePro creates repeatable, aligned patterns. According to Caldera, printers can thereby quickly produce color variations, “guiding decisions at pace and speeding up time to market.”

“The core Caldera architecture supports the speeds and therefore volumes required by these businesses, while the TextilePro interface puts all vital, sector-specific controls within easy reach,” Joseph Mergui, chief executive officer, said in a statement. “With digital print now expanding aggressively into new areas of the industrial textile marketplace, software is the most crucial element to guarantee precision and profitability. We are excited to serve this flourishing market and to help industrial textile take full advantage of its potential with digital print.”

“Wide-format printers are looking to extend production into soft signage and apparel, while industrial-scale textile houses want to assimilate the benefits of digital print,” Sébastien Hanssens, vice-president of marketing and communications, added. “TextilePro accommodates every production situation within the clear, profit-focused suite now enjoyed by thousands of Caldera-based companies worldwide.”