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CBX Software Wins The Green Supply Chain Award for Sustainability Solutions

CBX Software, a world leader in total sourcing management for the retail industry, can also be counted a world leader in supply chain sustainability.

The company has been honored with The Green Supply Chain Award by Supply & Demand Chain Executive for its industry-leading sustainability and green solutions.

The business technology magazine, which covers solutions and services for improving supply chain operations and efficiencies, gives the award to companies that best demonstrate a long-standing commitment to bettering the environment by making sustainability a core part of their supply chain policy, as well as those working to achieve measurable goals within their operations. The companies receiving the award this year were recognized for either having an efficient green supply chain or for offering supply chains product life-cycle solutions that allow companies to solve counterproductive habits within the supply chain and other sustainability downfalls.

“Honorees for this year’s award demonstrate that corporate social responsibility is a business imperative that transcends the company and extends throughout the supply chain, involving suppliers and customers,” John R. Yuva, editor for Supply & Demand Chain Executive, said. “The number of entries only increase year over year, demonstrating how critical sustainability initiatives are within companies.”

Retailers and suppliers often have conflicting viewpoints about what’s causing inefficiencies and the solutions for correcting them, and are always looking for efficient ways to meet their sustainability goals, which is where CBX has worked to provide an answer.

“Our clients are able to achieve their sustainable supply chain strategies by reducing the paper used in the supply chain process by using a combined retail sourcing and PLM solution,” CBX Software’s CEO Michael Hung said. “Also by digitalizing their sampling process, our clients are able to reduce the number of physical samples used in the supply chain process, which helps them to achieve their sustainable supply chain strategy.”

CBX empowers the supply chain network by encouraging collaboration between retailers, brands and their supplier partners through innovative global sourcing management, product life-cycle management, supplier relationship management and production and order management technology solutions.