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Centric Software Debuts New Field Testing Mobile App

Apparel companies now have access to a new tool that captures product developments and milestones.

Centric Software announced the launch of its new iOS Field Testing app, which helps apparel companies track prototype usage, prototype performance and clothing samples. The new app is compatible with Centric’s PLM platform or may be used as its own solution.

“Tracking the location and availability of prototypes and, ultimately wear tester performance feedback is critically important yet typically accomplished with a mishmash of methods. Centric’s new Field Testing app provides an innovative solution for product performance feedback,” Centric Software’s vice president of innovation, Humberto Roa, said.

New prototypes are usually pretty costly, due to their thousand-dollar mark production costs. Athletic wear, a new prototype, is tested in the field by sponsored athletes or national teams. It is highly crucial that companies not only track prototypes and clothing samples, but also how efficient they are with consumers.

“Centric Software was the first to bring mobile apps for PLM to market, introducing unprecedented agility and real-time reactivity while helping capture information that lies outside of the boundaries of traditional systems,” Centric chief executive and president Chris Groves said.

If companies are able to track important information regarding prototypes and clothing samples, it benefits them in more ways than one. With new tracking technologies such as the new field app, companies can assess their supply chains, customer demands and overall financial growth accurately. A few years ago, such developments were not possible, which exposed many companies to errors and eventually pushed them to invest in new solutions.

“Centric’s new Field Testing app is a unique example of how capturing data live, in the moment, is not only incredibly valuable but also a natural way of working,” Graves said. “This app will help reduces costs while also improving product innovation and performance; which are ultimately keystones of great brands.”