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New RFID Solution Promises to Fight Theft Without Damaging Delicate Garments

Checkpoint Systems’ compatible RFID solution is enabling retailers to protect the most delicate fabric garments, including lingerie, from external damage and theft.

The global RFID solutions provider has launched NeedleLok, a new high-theft RFID solution that protects delicate apparel, like intimates and thin fabric garments, without leaving punctures.

As a single-piece solution, NeedleLok makes application a seamless process, and when not used, it’s covered for optimal safety. Unlike other RFID solutions, NeedleLok protects delicate apparel without a normal hard tag or pin, both of which may leave damaging holes when removed. Available in three locking strengths (S3, Standard Lock and Super Lock), NeedleLok contains a single-piece tag with an integrated needle and provides benefit denial through an integrated Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) system and highly visible ink vials.

With NeedleLok, retailers can take the precautions needed to prevent theft, without putting the garment’s quality at risk.

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“Unlike other retail anti-theft solutions that simply aren’t appropriate for fine garments, NeedleLok will gently spread fabric threads instead of piercing them, therefore avoiding leaving a visible hole after removal,” said Stuart Rosenthal, vice president of sales and marketing for Checkpoint’s Alpha High-Theft Solutions. “This, combined with powerful anti-theft features, make it the perfect solution for protecting intimates and other thin/fine fabric garments.”

Checkpoint Systems’ new RFID solution comes on the heels of other brick-and-mortar innovations, as retailers use more technology to improve physical store experiences.

First Insight, a retail solutions provider, recently introduced a new pricing tool to help retailers have a better grasp on pricing elasticity, product performance and potentially improve margins. Cloud analytics company Manthan also launched an advanced in-store personalization solution for retailers, allowing them to better target consumers in a brick-and-mortar store setting. Additionally, other retail tech startups, including Theatro, are stepping up their use of IoT and other devices to help retailers stay agile in-stores and online.

NeedleLok is commercially available to retailers worldwide and Checkpoint Systems has said a Mini NeedleLok version will be introduced at the end of the first quarter.