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Coats Group Introduces Metallized Thread for RFID Tags

Remember when radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags were costly and cumbersome? The latest innovation from industrial threads producer Coats Group couldn’t be further from that.

Coats, together with Convergence Systems Ltd. (CSL), a design engineering firm, has come up with a RFID-enabled metallized thread tag intended to help the industrial laundry, leather, textile and uniform sectors keep track of their inventory. The launch, announced Thursday, marked the company’s first commercial foray for its conductive threads.

The patented CSL CS8200 tag consists of an integrated circuit and a partially metallized thread, which acts as an antenna while also securing the tag to clothing, leather or other textiles in an inconspicuous location, such as in a seam or behind a label.

“This RFID metallized thread tag provides an outstanding solution for quick and accurate inventory management as well as brand authentication of all types of garments and textiles. It is a prime example of Coats’ innovation as we extend beyond traditional thread and develop ‘clever thin lines’ which can transmit and even carry data,” said CEO Paul Forman.

As CSL Managing Director Jerry Garrett put it, “This is the only RFID tag that allows the user to customize the application read range by altering the metallized thread length.”

According to Coats, the thread also offers “exceptional durability” for washing, dry cleaning and ironing, making it a cost-effective solution for companies that manage and launder linens and uniforms.

Garrett added, “Our unique solution is tailor-made for helping industrial laundry, textile and uniform businesses save time and money in logistics, security and processing.”