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Colmar and Directa Plus Launch World’s First Graphene-Enhanced Sportswear Collection

Performance apparel company Colmar has teamed up with Directa Plus, one of the world’s largest producers and suppliers of graphene-based products, to bow a collection of sportswear containing Graphene Plus nanotechnology.

Graphene, a carbon-based material derived from graphite that’s 100 times more conductive than silicon, has popped up in the wearable tech space a lot of late, with researchers claiming it can help make clothing that contains computers and smartphones.

But at this week’s ISPO Munich exhibition, Colmar unveiled a graphene-enhanced collection (comprising ready-to-wear ski jackets, ski suits, technical underwear and a polo shirt) that it claimed will improve the performance of professional athletes and sports enthusiasts alike.

Here’s how it works: Directa Plus said that graphene-based products ensure warmth produced by the human body is dispersed in warm climates and preserved and distributed evenly in cold climates. In addition, because fabrics treated with Graphene Plus are electrostatic and bacteriostatic, they are able to reduce the friction with air and water to enable top sporting performance.

“This is the first time that Graphene Plus has been used in sportswear and the first Graphene Plus textile product to reach the market, which represents a significant milestone in a sector that offers tremendous opportunity,” Giulio Cesareo, chief executive officer of Directa Plus, stated. “We believe this is the beginning of a revolution in the world of sportswear and the textile industry as a whole.”