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Costco Drives More Offline Chatter than Macy’s

Tweeting three to five times a day and replying to customer posts regularly means Macy’s social media skills stand out on Twitter. But those online conversations aren’t driving sales offline.

That’s according to rankings on the top U.S. retailers for both social media and word-of-mouth conversations released recently by Engagement Lab, a Canadian technology and data company.

Macy’s ranked first on Twitter with both the highest overall eValue—a real-time analysis of a brand’s social media and marketing efforts—and responsiveness scores because it actively opens up two-way conversations with its followers and boasts the highest response rate out of the group of retailers studied.

But when Engagement Labs looked at the department store chain’s offline engagement scores—measured by the Keller Fay Group’s TalkTrack technology—it ranked eighth. Costco, Amazon and Kroger took the top spots, as they offer a wide range of products that are driving conversations. Target and Kohl’s also came in ahead of Macy’s.

“Knowing how a brand is performing both online via social media and how fans are discussing your brand offline helps brands gain a better understanding of areas for improvement so they can work to grow their followings, drive greater amount of conversations and ultimately drive sales through the holiday season,” said Bryan Segal, chief executive officer at Engagement Labs.

On photo-sharing app Instagram, clothing retailers dominated the top 10. Hollister led the pack with an eValue score of 94.97, while American Eagle, in second place, had the highest number of posts and most active user base, resulting in the highest engagement score. H&M, meanwhile, ranked third and recorded the largest increase in follower growth during the timeframe measured.

“With social media focusing on visuals, it’s no surprise these clothing brands are performing well on social,” Segal continued, noting that their online success isn’t necessarily translating offline.

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The same goes for Nordstrom. Despite having the highest active user base and the most likes per 1,000 fans (which is why it placed first with the highest overall eValue store on Facebook), the luxury retailer doesn’t feature anywhere in TalkTrack’s top 10 when it comes to word-of-mouth.

By comparison, warehouse club Costco isn’t in the top 10 retailers on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, but it’s still driving real-life chatter amongst its fans.

“Social media is a major avenue for retailers to utilize to increase brand awareness and showcase holiday campaigns to drive both in-store and online sales,” Segal said.

Source: Engagement Labs eValue 2015 rankings of U.S. retailers and Keller Fay’s TalkTrack 2015 ranking U.S. retailers’ word of mouth conversation.