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Crisp Clothing Takes Aim at the Future of Custom Shirting

Old-fashioned tailoring doesn’t apply for Crisp Clothing’s advanced apparel concept.

On Wednesday, the bespoke brand launched a Kickstarter campaign for its Perfect Fitting Custom Shirt, a highly-personalized garment created with 3-D body measurement technology.

Unlike traditional shirting purveyors, Crisp Clothing enables consumers to take part in the apparel production process with customization. On its website, consumers can create their own shirt at an affordable price, choosing from more than 1,000 different combinations of fabrics, shirt styles and garment details.

The first step for consumers is to select a fabric, then they can customize preferences for the collar, cuff, sleeve, pocket. Crisp Clothing’s shirts are made with 100 percent Egyptian Giza cotton at its family-owned factory in Mumbai, where the company handles all production in-house to maintain quality. Each shirt is constructed with 16 stitches per inch, to ensure fabric strength and minimize tears throughout the garment’s life cycle.

Once consumers pick their fabric and shirt details, they may create a size profile on the company’s website, where a 3-D measurement machine learning algorithm will calculate their size in less than a minute. Crisp Clothing teamed up with BodyLabs, a New York-based AI company, to create this technology, which calculates measurements based on weight and height to create a seamless fitting process for consumers, without the help of a measuring tape or sales associate.

After the consumer creates their own shirt and size profile, they can place their order and Crisp Clothing will send the personalized garment within two weeks.

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“Made to measure doesn’t necessarily mean expensive—By owning our own factories and being online only, we are able to eliminate the overheads & expenses associated with brick-and-mortar stores and pass on those saving to our customers,” the company’s mission statement says. “Our goal is to make made to measure shirts accessible to everyone.”

Crisp Clothing isn’t the only one furthering this foray into apparel customization for men’s wear, and in the last few years, demand for customization has ramped up as consumers look for more of say in the garment production process.

Other innovative players, including Indochino and Ministry of Supply, have also debuted their take on customizable clothing in response to that uptick in demand. Ministry of Supply currently creates 3-D print-knit performance garments at its Boston store, where consumers can have their one-of-a-kind apparel item printed in a matter of hours (though it takes upward of a week to finish that garment), while Indochino allows consumers to make their own shirts with its personalized apparel service.