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Italian Fashion Distribution Platform Acquires UK ERP Vendor

Dedagroup Stealth, an Italian software platform that manages production and distribution for global fashion and luxury brands, has acquired U.K.-based fashion enterprise resource planning (ERP) software Zedonk for an undisclosed sum.

The Zedonk deal brings more than 650 small fashion businesses into the Dedagroup portfolio of clients and combines the platform’s ERP capabilities with Stealth’s features, which cover product life cycle management, from initial design and production, through to multichannel distribution in retail, wholesale, marketplaces and social commerce channels. Dedagroup says the Stealth technology powers more than 60 percent of Italy’s best-known global fashion brands.

Zedonk solutions include design and production management, stock inventory, purchase orders, style management as well as customer and supplier relations, with all data managed and protected in the cloud.

“The global fashion industry needs the right tools to capitalize on business opportunities without being overwhelmed at an organizational level,” said Marco Podini, executive chairman of Dedagroup Stealth parent company Dedagroup. “The tsunami moving from east to west, leaving behind lowered shutters and people locked indoors, will be followed by a second wave that will see everyone wanting to get back to normal.

“Agility, underpinned by robust digital technologies, will be the catalyst that defines business success and will fuel retail performance in markets as they reopen, starting from China,” Podini added. “Dedagroup Stealth will be able to support brands from the very smallest up to the largest as they restart their plans for global expansion.”

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Dedagroup Stealth CEO Mimmo Solida said the company had long sought to find a partner that can support designers, small brands and fashion startups as they grow.

“This acquisition will bring new value to the market and, at the same time, will strongly support our expansion strategy geographically and as a business, whilst completing our product portfolio to support fashion brands from entrepreneurial startups to enterprise players,” Solida said.

Dedagroup Stealth consultants will join the Zedonk team in their new London headquarters.

Dedagroup isn’t the only Italian player looking to make waves among smaller businesses. Entrepreneurs across various SMBs in Italy have developed a platform dubbed Sistema Italia designed to offer foreign companies including high-end luxury and fashion brands the opportunity to network and dialogue with executives and access large-scale international business opportunities together.

The free service aims to facilitate a rapid recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and tackle national and international markets cohesively. By signing up, businesses will gain analysis and insights on how to be compliant with local and federal legal obligations when resuming production activities.

Uberto Canaccini, CEO of CEG Elettronica and recently recognized by Forbes among the top 100 successful managers leading top businesses and multinationals, is credited with starting the idea.

Already generating 1 billion euros ($1.08 billion) in total sales for its businesses, the platform has a goal to reach 3 billion euros ($3.25 billion).