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DHL Introduces New Supply Chain Platform Designed for End-to-End Visibility

With transparency and inventory management among the top priorities for today’s fast-paced fulfillment and delivery environment, DHL Supply Chain has introduced an end-to-end supply chain visibility platform called MySupplyChain.

DHL said the platform is intended to provide comprehensive supply chain management and business intelligence insights that drive competitive advantage. The secure and user-friendly platform integrates data from DHL Supply Chain applications, providing customers with complete supply chain visibility, accessible online through a single login.

The MySupplyChain platform will be available to applicable customers in North America in June, with additional regional rollouts to follow.

According to DHL Supply Chain, the platform allows users to access such tools and services as track-and-trace data, inventory, operational performance and reporting, business analytics and customer service from any desktop or mobile device. What that yields, is a full look at supply chain operations from the time shipments enter the warehouse to final delivery—all in “near real time.”

Offering a full view of network-wide inventory positions and warehouse-level order statuses, customers can utilize up-to-date data to identify information that drives ongoing improvements and creates a competitive advantage, DHL noted.

“Through MySupplyChain, DHL Supply Chain is helping customers successfully manage the complexity and maximize the efficiency of supply chain operations,” Sally Miller, chief information officer of DHL Supply Chain, North America. “Users will no longer have to access and interpret disparate systems to navigate their supply chain demands and analytics. Rather, this platform provides the whole picture, enabling customers to be agile and flexible.”

The new globally standardized platform is a key component of DHL Supply Chain’s digitalization strategy that gives customers end-to-end supply chain visibility. Piloting of MySupplyChain began in early 2018 and the new platform is already serving nearly 500 users across more than 30 customer accounts. DHL Supply Chain plans to continuously evolve MySupplyChain, adding further technology integrations and customer personalization capabilities.

Last month, DHL Parcel and DHL E-Commerce launched a global fulfillment platform that enables worldwide order management and an expansion of its fulfillment center network, offering online retailers a greater ability to serve their logistics needs.