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Edited Debuts World’s First Childrenswear Data Tool

Industry members are receiving major data assistance to combat childrenswear market challenges.

Edited, a retail technology company, just launched the world’s first childrenswear data tool. This new digital ally will help industry members with size filtering, age grouping and expanded reports. Edited created the tool to assist brands with market success, considering the childrenswear market brought in an estimated $156.8 billion in revenue last year.

What makes the childrenswear market tough is the fact that kids grow over the years. Unlike men’s and women’s apparel that has core sizes, childrenswear features many different sizes that interpret the same age. For example, 36 months, 3Y and 3T are all the same size (3 years).

Edited’s new data tool features a normalization algorithm that simplifies childrenswear sizing. This analytics system takes any retailer size and correlates it according to Edited’s own predefined sizing standard, which includes months, years and non-numeric sizes. With syntax, Edited’s data tool is able to provide industry members with a unified solution for complicated childrenswear sizing.

Analysts also added new childrenswear reports to Edited’s data tool. With these expanded reports, industry members have immediate access to licensing, trends and other topics.

In addition to introducing a new data tool, Edited also revamped its other retailer solutions. Print tools were upgraded to provide users with charts formatted for presentations. Filters and drop-down menus were updated as well for greater detail. Customer reviews were also added in Retail Reports to help users locate the childrenswear categories that are relevant them.