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Edited Mobile Puts Fashion Intelligence at Your Fingertips

The COVID-19 pandemic has put fashion’s biggest decision makers under considerable pressure to steer their business in the right direction, underscoring the need to react to rapidly evolving changes at the drop of a hat, even if they can’t casually discuss the trends face-to-face with colleagues in the office. One company in the fashion data analysis space is looking to simplify this process for retail buyers, planners and merchandisers as they try to outperform competitors while still working at a social distance.

Edited, a retail data, analytics and research software platform, has launched a mobile app that is designed for the new work-from-home environment, enabling retail executives to access analysis, reports and insights at their fingertips without being constrained to a desk.

The app, called Edited Mobile, offers users access to retail reports and runway collection analysis with features including bookmarks and offline reports and new filters. For example, users can bookmark reports of interest that they discover throughout the app, which are then saved in an accessible section that can be viewed both on- and offline.

The new filters enable users to search for reports by subsection to help inform trend direction and promotional planning. In addition, they can apply filters by topical categories such as sustainability, discounting or coronavirus-related analysis. Filters stay applied throughout the duration of the session.

The app navigation enables users to receive notifications from the Edited analyst team on the latest weekly meeting guides.

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“Senior executives across retail need to make bold decisions daily to ensure their business does not become another to succumb to the COVID-19 era,” said Joe Aleardi, chief revenue officer at Edited. “In order to do this with the utmost confidence, it’s pertinent that they are equipped with accessible resources such as our new mobile app to support these decisions and to stay prepared for any other obstacles the current climate throws at them.”

Since 2009, the Edited Market Intelligence Suite has used artificial intelligence, analytics and image and text recognition to understand pricing, discounts, assortments and trends in real time. Edited is built and updated in-house by data scientists and engineers working alongside former buyers and merchandisers from global brands and retailers.

Fashion brands like Zara, Puma, Boohoo, Diesel, John Lewis, Mango, Marni and Tommy Hilfiger use the company’s suite of Market Intelligence products, which are powered by an AI data engine that tracks more than 2.5 billion SKUs across retailers, brands and marketplaces.

The Edited AI engine, AtlasAI uses visual pattern recognition, optical character recognition and text crawling to collect data, and automates the process using machine learning to collect and categorize market data.

The company’s database, AtlasDB, stores data from upwards of 140,000 global websites, giving clients access to a data set using industry-standard categories and product names that included full product, pricing, assortment and promotion data organized by category, gender, region, color, pattern and keywords. The database stores a decade’s worth of historical data when looking up past markets and competitive intelligence, so that users can find product, pricing, assortment and promotion data from critical past events and trends.