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Edited Debuts Software to Help Retailers Tap into Activewear Market

Edited has launched a new tool for retailers to take advantage of the latest athleisure trends.

The retail technology company on Wednesday unveiled the world’s first software feature to help companies excel in today’s billion-dollar activewear market.

As consumer demand for sporty apparel grows, the competition heats up between non-specialty retailers and premium brands. Edited’s “Sports and Active” is the only software available for retailers that shares on-demand activewear product and pricing insights.

“Sports and Active” enables retailers to filter activewear versus non-active wear, analyze by lifestyle or type, drill into keywords and spot gaps and bestsellers. Separating activewear items by category in the software feature allows retailers to compare them to the whole apparel market for better granularity.

Differentiating athletic attire and athleisure on “Sports and Active” furthers retailers’ scope of the activewear sector and fosters them to establish better products for consumers’ lifestyles. Adding specific keywords on the software feature, such as fabric details or product descriptors, can help retailers that want insights into micro trends and opportunities. The tool also allows retailers to identify top moving products and take action on replenishment.

“Activewear represents one of the most important categories for virtually all apparel brands and retail
Channels,” said Vyacheslav Zhiril, head of sport at online fashion retailer KupiVIP. “Our strong relationship with Edited means that we can meet consumer demand, stay on trend, and continue to track opportunities for constant growth.”

Using the power of data science, Edited’s technology is composed of advanced machine learning and intelligent word recognition to analyze global retailers’ websites and convert information into real-time insights for its customers. The company’s analyst team tracks more than 520 million products and categorizes them into billions of data points, like colors, drop rates, prices and styles. The retail data is interpreted into graphs, reports and visuals for Edited’s customers to help them develop strategic retail decisions.

“Our new ‘Sports and Active’ feature means that our customers now have the data to immediately support critical pricing, promotions, product tracking and assortment decisions,” Edited senior retail analyst Katie Smith said. “When today’s consumer is so invested in making a lifestyle shift built on healthy living and comfortable clothing, our insights can make all the difference.”