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Epson Elevates On-Demand Production with New Direct-to-Garment Printer

As customization gains momentum, Epson’s new direct-to-garment printer promises a more seamless and personalized on-demand apparel production process.

Epson launched its next generation direct-to-garment printer—the SureColor F2100—which offers a robust purpose-built system for high-performance printing. The printer, which retails at $17,995, will be available to industry members in March. The new printer builds on the attributes of previous products with even more flexibility.

“The SureColor F2000 is the number-one selling direct-to-garment printer in the market and has helped customers increase efficiency on short-run orders and expand product service offerings. We listened to our customers and addressed common direct-to-garment pain points with the new SureColor F2100,” said Tim Check, senior product manager, professional imaging, Epson America, Inc. “The SC-F2100 delivers on reduced maintenance, while providing increased speed and efficiency with newly developed print modes to help customers increase business needs.”

Leveraging UltraChrome DG garment ink technology and the Epson PrecisionCore TFP printhead, the SureColor F2100 prints up to two times faster than the previous model. The SureColor F2100 also has four color ink technology, including white ink, to achieve improved image quality, efficiency and speed. Other improvements including a quick-load platen, Epson Garment Creator Software for heightened productivity and an integrated self-cleaning system for reduced maintenance.

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The new printer includes Epson PrecisionDot technology, which is designed to improve image detail and preservation on the garment. New print modes, including highlight white mode and light garment mode, allow for better print quality. The highlight white mode yields brighter whites by printing two coats while also printing color for improved speed. A new garment grip pad also allows users to load and unload apparel on the printer platen, speeding up the overall process. For an easy-to-learn workflow, Epson’s Garment Creator Software provides tools on color management, layout and text, ink control and cost estimation.

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An integrated self-cleaning system is another feature of the printer—resulting in less maintenance and downtime. The printer moves cleaning solution through the printhead, allowing the printer to conduct daily maintenance. Additionally, white ink is triple filtered before reaching the printhead, which minimizes white ink nozzle cleaning.

Epson’s new direct-to-garment printer comes on the heels of other digital printing innovations. Printing leader Kornit Digital discussed how it’s creating speed to market for industry members, by leveraging the power of digital printing to meet consumer demands. Other companies, including sports merchandiser Fanatics Brands, are tapping digital printing to create more personalized products for consumers in short turnaround times. Additionally, innovations, including Epson’s direct-to-garment printer, can reduce negative environmental impacts associated with traditional printing, which generally is labor intensive, requires large-batch manufacturing and generates air pollution.