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Etsy Buys Blackbird Technologies to Improve Search Capabilities

Etsy wants to beef up its search feature.

The creative digital marketplace acquired Blackbird Technologies, a proprietary machine learning technology company, to improve its range of search capabilities, so shoppers will have access to personalized searches, product rankings, spelling corrections and predictive typeaheads when they browse for products on Etsy’s website.

“Buyers come to for items they can’t find anywhere else and our goal is to help them discover exactly what they want among our 40 million unique listings,” said Etsy CEO and chair Chad Dickerson. “Our team has already made substantial enhancements to the search & discovery process on Etsy, especially through features like Exploratory Search, and we are excited for Blackbird’s world-class team and technology to accelerate our progress in this key area.”

Using advanced Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence, Blackbird Technologies delivers a high-quality search solution with many benefits. Machine learning studies user behavior and unstructured data to compose personalized search recommendations. Natural language processing tackles complex search queries. Deep Learning-based image recognition techniques also help provide accurate search results by indexing photos. Predictive typeahead and spelling correction also speeds up the searching process by eliminating errors in online inquires.

Blackbird Technologies’ team will join Etsy and bring more AI innovations to the creative digital marketplace. With Blackbird Technologies, Etsy will be able to satisfy consumers demands and tap into today’s competitive online retail space with efficient search processes.