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Where Does the Fashion Industry Stand on AI?

Robotics have contributed to the advancement of the fashion industry. So why aren’t designers and retailers jumping on the AI bandwagon?

Fast Company discussed this dilemma and how the fashion industry hasn’t completely developed a universal approach to this new technology. Beyond basic chatbots, AI could be beneficial in helping apparel brands streamline their production and heighten their omnichannel services. Furthermore, many labels, including Kit and Ace, have used AI to improve their e-commerce sites with personalized content.

Despite the positive attributes of robotics, the fashion industry is still struggling to incorporate this technology for online consumer experiences. Although it could be difficult to replicate an in-store visit on an e-commerce site, AI, combined with human intelligence, could provide consumers with the personalized attention they don’t receive on brick-and-mortar trips. With sizing algorithms and customized data, AI could help retailers fulfill consumer demands and stay on top in today’s evolving market.

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