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Fashion Software Start-Up Avametric Raises $10.5M

After closing seed funding in May 2014, fashion software start-up Avametric on Thursday announced that it’s raised $10.5 million in financing to help subsidize the development of its proprietary platform.

This amount includes a recent Series A round led by Khosla Ventures, which previously invested in the likes of Everlane and Feetz, two design start-ups that have since gone on to garner much success.

Founded by David Jackson and Academy Award-winning digital animator and computer scientist James O’Brien, Avametric has spent four years developing virtual fitting-room technology that provides users with 3-D images showing how any item of clothing will fit on their own body.

According to the start-up’s website, an accurate fit requires a precise model of the user’s body. To that end, a walk-in scanning process uses more than 200 points of measurement to capture the necessary data in less than three seconds. Meanwhile, customers not yet scanned can input their measurements online for an estimated body size and shape.

The goal: to help brands and retailers turn online browsers into spenders and reduce returns.

“E-commerce is arguably one of the most important growth vehicles in retail,” Ari Bloom, chief executive officer of Avametric, said in a statement. “Until now, brands have been lacking the tools to rival the physical retail experience. With Avametric, brands can recreate the real world fitting room experience online and offer new services to customers such as fully customized virtual look books to further create new ways to leverage the untapped retail potential of the internet.”

“Avametric’s technology is unmatched and it’s their uniquely qualified team that can bring their vision to life,” added Khosla Partner Keith Rabois, who has joined the start-up’s board of directors. “We have been waiting to see these three industries—Hollywood, technology and fashion—married together in a meaningful way and Avametric is finally doing this.”