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FibreTrace Taps ‘Luminescent’ Tech for Tracing Textile Fibers

A growing demand for fiber traceability solutions is driving leaders in the sector to innovate novel ways of authenticating the materials that make up the tons of textiles produced each year.

Textile supply chain-tracing specialist FibreTrace has tapped the expertise of Leuchtstoffwerk Breitungen GmbH (LWB)—a maker of chemical preparations including UV, LED and x-ray materials—to put a new spin on fingerprinting fibers from origin to end consumer. The partnership leverages LWB’s “deep understanding of luminescent technology” to indelibly mark textile fibers, offering a measure of transparency to consumers looking for confidence that what they think they’re paying for is what they’re actually getting.

FibreTrace says its system infuses nanoparticles into cellulose fibers that can be blended with manmade or natural fibers at the beginning of production without altering the material feel, quality or durability.

Shannon Mercer, director of business development at FibreTrace, described LWB’s specialized knowledge and “agile, collaborative approach” as “uniquely complimentary” to how the fiber-tracing firm operates. “We believe this helps to generate industry leading technology solutions to help solve a real problem for brands and consumers alike,” Mercer added.

As consumers growing increasingly conscious of apparel’s deleterious environmental impact, many expect brands to open the kimono and share the full-spectrum details of a garment’s multifaceted journey from field to fashion. A full 88 percent of people surveyed by sustainability consultancy Futerra are looking to clothing companies to aid them in their goal toward becoming eco-friendly consumers, underscoring the important role supply-chain transparency can play in fostering loyalty and attracting the next generation of purchasers.

LWB CEO Wolfgang Eisenberg said the chemicals company’s deeply researched tracing innovation and technology can “withstand the harsh processes of the entire textile chain through to recycle and reuse.”

Through its collaboration with FibreTrace, “we are able to deliver transformation in transparency for the fashion industry,” he added, citing LWB’s seven decades of experience in the tracing space.