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Silver Jeans First to Offer Men the Fitcode Fit Personalization Quiz

Men want personalized fit solutions, too, and Silver Jeans is responding to that demand by bringing the Fitcode online tool to its men’s denim following a successful implementation with women’s jeans that lifted sales by 5 percent to 7 percent.

The Canadian denim brand is the first apparel company to offer men the Fitcode solution, which is used by labels including AG, Hudson Jeans, JAG Jeans and JOE’s Jeans.

As any shopper knows, sizes can vary wildly from one brand to the next. A size 8 can be too small in one store and just right in the next. Plus, e-commerce shoppers often buy multiple sizes per item because they’re just not sure which one will fit—and they know many retail websites offer returns that are hassle free for consumers (though a burden for brands).

Taking the guesswork out of sizing


Silver Jeans First Offer Men the Fitcode Fit Personalization Quiz
Photo credit: Fitcode/Silver Jeans

That’s why Fitcode created its fit personalization tool to give shoppers confidence while eliminating much of the guesswork of figuring out their best possible fit when shopping for jeans online.

For Silver Jeans, partnering with the fit-focused startup boils down to doing the right thing for consumers, especially those interacting with the brand for the first time. “We’ve got a lot of styles and fits, and it can be overwhelming to customers,” said Silver Jeans Co. director of e-commerce Mike G. Girardin. “We had been looking to put together a fit wizard to help customers through the process, but decided to try Fitcode after having luck with it on our other brand–Jag Jeans.

“When Fitcode approached us with the idea of also doing men’s, we were game, as we’re always looking for ways to provide information and a better buying experience to customers,” he added.

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How to get a Fitbadge

Silver Jeans First Offer Men the Fitcode Fit Personalization Quiz
Photo credit: Fitcode/Silver Jeans

Fitcode’s user-friendly quiz asks shoppers on desktop and mobile web about their stomach, rear, thighs and legs to home in on the right size for any given brand, and includes illustrations to help consumers match descriptions such as “due to your flat rear, jeans often bag in the seat” and “lucky you, most average-inseam jeans fit nicely” to their own physiques. The quiz also solicits the shopper’s usual size so it can determine when to recommend sizing up and down. Upon completing the quiz, shoppers receive their personalized Fitcode number and Fitcode badge, which also appears on the products across the brand’s site that are deemed to be the best potential fit for that customer.

Girardin said that Silver Jeans has seen both new and existing customers engage with the Fitcode quiz, which the brand promotes in email marketing to new subscribers as well as in a standalone email every two months.

Demand for denim


Silver Jeans First Offer Men the Fitcode Fit Personalization Quiz
Photo credit: Fitcode/Silver Jeans

Jeans topped $40 billion in worldwide sales in 2016, including $27 billion spent on men’s denim, according to “Global Denim Market Analysis and Forecast to 2023” report. Though denim sales had dropped off as consumers flocked to the comfortable stretchy pants and leggings of the athleisure megatrend, the market for jeans has rebounded recently, growing 4 percent in 2016, NPD Group reported in research last year.

The Silver Jeans partnership comes as Fitcode reported its total funding stands at $2.95 million after raising another $750,000 from Harvey Partners, its original and sole investment partner. Fitcode said this latest round will be strategic as it executes an omnichannel vision of expanding its innovative fit solutions from online into offline as well.