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Fujitsu Creates Semi-Transparent RFID Fashion Tag for Apparel

Fujitsu’s latest innovation may end counterfeit luxury clothing for good.

The IT-solutions provider created the smallest UHF RFID tag for high fashion apparel, WT-A433L. Thirty-three percent smaller and more durable than its predecessor, WT-A533L, the tag is nearly invisible in sheer garments and provides item identification even if sales tags are removed.

“Attaching the Fujitsu Fashion tag mini in high-value garments and accessories can provide positive confirmation of an item’s authenticity and also help reduce incidents of fraud,”Randy Fox, Fujitsu Frontech North America VP of sales and marketing, said. “Fashion garment designers and manufacturers will benefit from its small, almost imperceptible design.”

The WT-A433L is unique compared to other RFID tags because it’s developed with transparent materials and remains invisible when sewn into garments. Even apparel created from lace, silk and other sheer materials are protected against fraud, since the tag remains virtually invisible. The tag is also easy to sew into hems, seams and under manufacturer’s labels, since its measurements are only 37mm x 10mm x 0.3mm. Additionally, the tag is also home-wash, ironing and dry-clean safe, since it is designed for permanent installation into high-value fashion apparel.

Fujitsu’s new tag follows the introduction of the company’s Ultra High-Frequency RFID tags last year. In April, Fujitsu launched the group of transparent tags that were the size of a standard shirt collar stay and designed for permanent installation in fashion apparel, jeans and footwear.

Fujitsu will showcase WT-A433L and other washable RFID tags at the National Retail Federation Convention and Expo at the New York Jacob K. Javits Convention Center this month. The company expects production for WT-A433L to begin in the second quarter of this year.