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This High-Tech 3D Try On Mirror Has a Secret Weapon: Physics

Korean firm FXGear is using physics to enhance the virtual, 3-D try-on FXMirror it launched last fall.

A number of retail tech vendors have dabbled in the magic mirror arena, though as of yet, no one has found a solution that’s really caught on among fashion retailers. It’s not unusual to see high-tech mirrors displayed at shows like NRF and CES as tech firms make incremental improvements in the usability and functionality of the virtual apparel fitting experience.

In November, FXGear debuted an avatar-based virtual apparel try-on feature, employing mixed reality to create a customer’s avatar in real time when he or she stands in front of the FXMirror. Now it’s taking the next step, using physics to better simulate virtual clothing try-ons.

Users must stand still for one minute while the high-tech mirror captures their measurements. Then they can choose the closest match to their skintone and even pick different “trendy” hairstyles to further engage with their digital reflection, the company said in a statement. Once the avatar is personalized to their liking, users can begin choosing garments to virtually try on using gestures to navigate all of the features on screen, such as picking the clothing type and selecting different colors and sizes. Zoom options and 360-degree views enable users to see how a virtual garment looks from every angle.

Behind the scenes, FXGear employs a Cloth Authoring Tool that uses front and rear photos of a garment to create what it claims are “photorealistic” 3-D renderings in as little as five minutes instead of the hours required for competitive solutions. This is the way the company simulates how different clothing sizes will fit on each individual’s body, from a size XS up to a 3XL, calculating how much pressure each garment size applies on the body to determine the ideal drape and fit. FXGear works with each apparel brand’s particular size chart to replicate virtual sizing.

“While the existing FXMirror automatically supports the virtual fitting of outfits in the size most suitable for users, the new physics-based fitting simulation function enables users to try different sizes virtually, compare the fit of each size and select the best size for them, which will help clothes shoppers,” FXGear CEO Choi Kwang-Jin said.

The company believes the FXMirror can serve as a vehicle for brand exploration and discovery, exposing customers to items they wouldn’t have considered otherwise. The full FXMirror package includes the full-size screen device, a Kinect camera, WiFi router on the hardware side, and the virtual fitting and cloth authoring software.