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Garmatex Launches Advanced Cooling Fabric

Garmatex, fabric innovator and supplier, announced the launch of its new advanced cooling fabric Thursday at the PGA Fashion and Demo Experience in Las Vegas. IceSkin is designed to regulate the body’s temperature in extreme climes.

The fabric is made with natural jade minerals and Garmatex’s CoolSkin quick-dry microfiber filaments, which help to utilize the cooling effects of perspiration and lower the skin’s surface temperature. The jade minerals deflect the sun’s rays to keep the body cool and offer extreme UV protection. IceSkin is multi-layered, using a three-dimensional knitting process to keep its cooling technology working like new.

Garmatex CEO and president, Martin Doane said, “IceSkin is another example of how Garmatex continues to optimize fiber technology and provide innovative fabric solutions to a wide range of businesses and consumers.”

The new cooling fabric is available now in Garmatex’s golf shirts and towels. The company plans to sell the fabric to leading apparel and medical brands going forward.