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Garment Counterfeiting Could Soon be a Thing of the Past

VST Enterprises is collaborating with a major global apparel manufacturer to fight fraudulent apparel.

The cybersecurity firm teamed up with Dewhirst to supply VApparel, a scannable code technology, for accessories, clothing and footwear.

VCode, the system behind VApparel, allows manufacturers and retailers to instantly gain information about potentially fraudulent products. Using a smart device, the user scans a secure VCode of choice and they are then directed to a bespoke information portal, which enables them to access product information within six seconds.

VPlatform, VCode’s intelligent back-end system, then compares the user’s GPS location and the product’s delivery address. If the data doesn’t align, the user could report the item for potential counterfeiting or theft.

VApparel will be used at the point of sale to receive related product information and facilitate speedy purchasing. Any garment manufacturer or retailer could have access to this technology to foster increased traceability and avoid the spread of counterfeit goods.

“Dewhirst is pioneering the use of this technology on wearable items across its international network and we plan to work together to use VApparel for many more applications in future,” VST Enterprises CEO Louis-James Davis said.

Today, counterfeiting remains a prevalent issue for manufacturers and retailers worldwide. Counterfeit items cost the European sporting goods market over $536 million annually and other federal authorities, including the U.S. Government, which seized over 30,000 shipments of fraudulent goods in January, are taking precautions to combat counterfeiting on a global level. With VApparel, the apparel industry can efficiently minimize counterfeiting and prevent legal proceedings, lost revenue and product redesign.