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Gerber’s New Accumark Update Speeds Pattern Validation with Expanded 3-D Modeling

Already the self-described “gold standard of intelligent pattern design,” Gerber Technology’s Accumark software was recently updated in what the company calls a “significant step forward” for the program.

The update, version 12.1, will add a native 3-D modeling component to Accumark for the first time, which Gerber says will empower designers with the ability to quickly visualize their creations before reaching the later stages of the design process—eventually reducing lead times and costs as the entire apparel industry races to speed up production.

“In fashion and apparel, 3-D technology can be a game-changing enabler as the demand to move from concept to production is accelerating faster than ever before to stay ahead of what is trending,” Gerber Technology said in a statement. “While speed has become a new mantra, consumers are looking for experiences, personalized products and brands who strive to bring fashion to market fast but also in a sustainable and socially conscious way.” The sustainability side of the new update can be seen in the speed with which designers are able to turnaround their products, Gerber said.

Accumark’s new capabilities should also give designers more confidence in their work as they go along, providing production-ready 3-D simulations of 2-D patterns complete with tension mapping to ensure a precise fit.

“Our customers are embracing a new pace in the way they design, develop and produce fashion,” Mary McFadden, VP of CAD product management at Gerber Technology, added. “We are leading the way, innovating rapidly, and launching key features like our newest AccuMark 3D that leverages our best in class Avametric simulation technology. With these innovations, our customers are finding AccuMark 3D can be trusted as a reliable fit tool as simulations expose pattern and fit errors that need to be fixed.”

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Exposing those errors early in the design process can help to ensure technical accuracy in the final product, Gerber explained, reducing the amount of work that must be done simply to correct faults in the design process. According to Gerber Technology, its client, Happypunt, has already said its experience with the update allowed its design team to reduce both cycle times and sample costs.

Gerber’s design suite is vertically-integrated, meaning each app produces an output that can be directly transferred to another Gerber Technology app—and Accumark’s 3-D models will be handled no differently.

Each can be exported as a shareable file to Gerber’s YuniquePLM platform to be stored with the rest of a given team’s design documents, enabling a seamless transfer of information from a designer to the rest of the team. Once on the YuniquePLM platform, team members can then comment on the design at a far earlier point in production than has been traditionally possible.