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Gerber Partnership Gives Made-to-Measure Brands a Way to Customize Fit Online

Gerber Technology has a new customization widget to offer its clientele after partnering with 3DLOOK to bring the body-measuring solution into its “Made For You By You” workflow.

With the addition of 3DLOOK’s platform into its suite of industry-facing software and automation solutions, Gerber is adapting its workflow for the “new normal” of the coronavirus pandemic while still offering brands a method to create garments with a bespoke fit, the company said.

“We are incredibly proud to partner with 3DLOOK to offer worldwide brands and retailers a fresh, digitally innovative way to collaborate,” vice president of marketing at Gerber Technology Ketty Pillet said in a statement. “For companies to truly offer their customers the best quality products, they need to ensure that their clothes fit perfectly.”

The move was made to support demand from small, made-to-measure companies, Gerber said, which usually rely on in-person fitting.

According to the software company, these organizations can easily integrate 3DLOOK into their supply chains no matter how large the business.

“By integrating our widget into Gerber’s ‘Made For You By You’ flow we are enabling a simple way to digitize measurement capture and automate the workflow process,” Whitney Cathcart, chief security officer and co-founder of 3DLOOK, said.

The Body Data Platform by 3DLOOK matches body data taken from two images of a user’s body to product data, transactional data and product return data with the assistance of a computer vision algorithm—which can then produce 65 ISO-compliant measurements.

This can then be converted into analytics for measurements, shape, model 3D model accuracy and fit, according to the partners, with the ability to add in customer profile insights as well.

“We see this partnership as the first step towards providing brands, manufacturers, and retailers with the digital tools needed to support a full end-to-end customization platform which meets the needs of customers increasingly focused on products personalized to their fit and preference and who also care about supporting more sustainable supply chains and business models,” Cathcart said.

3DLOOK integration also offers visitors to the virtual Gerber Innovation Center access Gerber’s YOU website, the company said. There, they can customize garments to their individual fit preferences. These garments can then be brought to life digitally, ready for production.

In February, Gerber also upgraded its Accumark design platform with 2D-to-3D integration to improve design efficiency and sustainability.