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Gerber Rolls Out Improved 3D Workflow in Accumark Platform Update

In February, Gerber Technology unveiled the latest update to its Accumark design platform, adding 2D-to-3D integration, improving design efficiency and, ultimately, cutting costs for the firm’s customers.

The February 2020 Accumark release included updates for Accumark, Accumark 3D, AccuNest and AccuPlan, helping to further digitize the supply chain starting through the platform’s design tools—improving 3D workflow substantially, the company said.

The update should improve the ability of designers to produce production-ready clothing more quickly and cut lead times substantially, Gerber senior vice president and general manager for software, Melissa Rogers, said.

“After speaking with our customers, we found that they were spending millions of dollars and countless hours making thousands of samples per year,” she said.

With the February 2020 update, Accumark software should help designers save time and money through a more streamlined workflow, further reducing the need for samples. Adrian Jules, an American custom clothing manufacturer, said the update has already lowered the average number of physical samples required during production significantly.

“The ability to develop 3D production-ready samples, with the correct fit and the cost estimation, has allowed me to reduce the number of physical samples I have to make from 20 to 5, saving me about 75 percent in development time,” Adrian Jules production director and senior director of technical design Darren Beaman said in a statement.

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The update will also serve to further integrate cut planning software and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, Gerber said. The platform is now capable of reducing lead times from three weeks to just 48 hours, reducing material waste by up to 40 percent along the way.

Overall, the company said bringing an idea to production should be 60 percent faster than through traditional, manual methods.

The update enhances the newest additions to the Accumark platform, AccuNest and AccuPlan, Gerber added. AccuNest is an automated nesting solution that, when used in tandem with AccuPlan’s cut planning software, can improve fabric savings by 25 percent.

AccuPlan also allows designers the ability to edit directly in a 3D workspace, enabling them to visualize an entire collection with options for multiple fabrics and colorways while validating style and fit for the same models.

“Our designers can use the concise image functionality in 3D to quickly align graphic placement, export shareable renders to confirm design approval, and generate color-accurate print files,” Tobe Bashor of Digital Performance Gear, a Gerber client, said. “The February 2020 release is a step up and a game-changer.”