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Gerber Technology Launches AccuMark 10 Pattern Design Software

Gerber Technology, a leader in automated manufacturing systems, announced the newest version of its widely utilized AccuMark Pattern Design Software, set to launch in Spring 2015. The new model will feature an optional 3D solution for garment development and pattern making, that will allow for image and motion files to be shared for collaboration and centralization of data.

Customer feedback directed the company to focus on 3D visualization, which dramatically cuts down the development and sample making process. Real-life design visualization affords designers the ability to make pattern corrections that can then be viewed in 3D.

Gerber Technology director of CAD product management Mary McFadden, said AccuMark 10 brings a new level of efficiency and speed to design, and refers to the technology as an important development from the creative perspective. McFadden said, “It allows designers to unleash their creativity in a real-life visualization of designs that could previously only be imagined through 2D sketches.”

In addition to AccuMark 10, the company revealed that it is developing future 3D applications. These innovations will address the wide range of needs in merchandising and e-commerce, the movement of fabric and fit, and garment testing.

Mike Elia, Gerber Technology CEO, said, “Managing data and helping our customers gain insight quickly is becoming more and more important in the fashion industry.” He added, “Looking at the broad landscape and identifying ways to leverage technologies like 3D and others at different points across the supply chain will continue to be our focus in the future.”

Gerber Technology made history in the past as the first to introduce CAD pattern making software to the apparel industry. Its AccuMark CAD systems are currently used by more than 14,000 customers.