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Gerber Technology Offers Subscription Software for Apparel Customers

Apparel design and product software is the backbone of many a large fashion enterprise, but the costs to license and maintain mission-critical systems like PLM typically put these programs out of reach for many small designers and start-up brands.

Now Gerber Technology’s new subscription model aims to make access to some of its apparel software more affordable for companies that lack the resources to invest in annual upfront commitments.

Noting that its Yunique PLM program has been offered as a subscription for the past three years, Gerber said the AccuMark software used for pattern design, grading, marker making, production planning and 3-D simulation also will be available through a subscription bundle.

Gerber chief strategy and digital officer Karsten Newbury said the addition of subscription offerings benefits not only existing customers but also “the next generation of great innovators and disruptors to enter the market.”

“We are continuously looking for ways to help our customers win and that means providing them with the most innovative technology and new ways of engaging with us,” he added.

To launch, Gerber is offering two bundling options: TechDesign and TechDesign Premium, featuring feature AccuMark 2D and AccuMark 3D as well as YuniquePLM or Yunique Sample Manager, a brand new arrival. Additional bundles will be released at a future date, the company noted.

Jeanne Ottenwell, who manages production pattern design at Cintas Corporation, a provider of uniforms and corporate apparel, said, “We depend on the suite of AccuMark products to quickly serve the uniform needs of our customers and having a subscription helps us greatly in balancing our workflow by allowing us to bring in temporary contract help when needed.”

The subscription-based access also improves the Cintas bottom line, she added, because the company can avoid a “long term financial commitment for a permanent key.”