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H&M Adds Image Recognition in More Markets for Seamless Shopping

H&M’s image recognition tool is coming to more markets, as the retailer seeks to elevate consumers’ shopping experiences worldwide.

On Oct. 26, H&M announced plans to expand its Image Search tool—a digital asset that helps consumers locate clothes they find on social media or other online platforms and buy similar items in the H&M mobile app. The tool, which first launched in May and is currently available in 13 markets, will become more available to global consumers in the coming months.

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Powered by self-learning algorithms, Image Search lets consumers move directly from online style inspiration—including social media posts and digital screenshots—to making purchases via the H&M mobile app. To use the tool, consumers can feed a picture of a style they like to the app and the app will instantly present similar products available on H&M’s website. Consumers can access the special feature by clicking the camera icon in the top right corner of the H&M mobile app.

Joining H&M’s other digital features, including #HM Gallery and My Style, Image Search takes a consumers’ accessory, apparel or footwear search to the next level by providing them with convenient, personal product choices on H&M’s site. With the tool, consumers can ramp up their wardrobes while having unlimited access to H&M’s other digital resources on their phones—including the retailers’ 23 million Instagram followers.