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Hohenstein Develops New Product Testing Technologies

Hohenstein is bringing new product testing innovations to apparel retailers.

The product compliance testing company will debut new product testing technologies Tuesday, including a 3-D scanner for size matching, at the IFAI Expo Testing Demo Zone in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Considering that today’s functional textile items outpace the standardized tests that evaluate them, Hohenstein offers apparel retailers innovative analysis of a product’s performance benefits from the consumer’s perspective. With Hohenstein’s new product technologies, apparel retailers will remain relevant and continue delivering the best clothing to their valued global consumers.

“This year we are going to show a 3-D sizing system, more or less a portable 3-D scanner for less than $1,000, which helps you to correctly dress people and measure the size of garments with people,” said Dr. Jan Beringer, head of development in Hohenstein’s department of function and care. “There is nothing available like this at the moment.”

Receiving feedback from the industry, Hohenstein set out to establish a new testing system that would efficiently correlate clothing with individuals. Today, many apparel retailers express difficulties in dressing different body types and essentially having their garments satisfy demanding consumers. The portable and standalone 3-D scanner is an affordable solution for retailers that essentially connects clothing with the consumer in a seamless process.

With more than 60 years of experience in measuring garment comfort, Hohenstein also offers apparel retailers clothing physiology assessments, including thermophysiological testing. The test measures heat moisture, heat gradient and heat transition in respect to the human body’s temperature. Using a climate-controlled cabinet, Hohenstein’s thermophysiological test simulates how skin emits heat and sweat.

With its product testing technologies and assessments, Hohenstein is helping apparel retailers move one step closer to offering consumers the most functional, efficient and optimal garment items. Keeping the consumer’s perspective in mind, Hohenstein determines products’ performance benefits from their mindset. Perhaps this is what makes Hohenstein a game-changing leader in the product testing sector.

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“Our strength is that we always evaluate, measure and characterize the product from the consumer’s point of view,” Dr. Beringer said. “That is our strength, to really quantify it from the wearer’s point of view, having the clothing physiology and the whole human thermal regulation on a background that we can say this product performs.”