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The Future of Manufacturing—Real-Time Technology

You can’t change what you don’t measure.

The lack of transparency at the factory level is strangling the apparel and footwear industries. Without feedback from middle management, workers don’t know how they’re performing relative to their peers and they don’t understand how what they’re doing impacts the bigger picture. Armed with real-time insights, they could be enlisted to help boost quality and efficiency.

But first, a complete paradigm shift is needed. The industry must harness real-time data to set goals, create objectives and provide continuous feedback. It’s a solution that Jose R. Suarez, Impactiva founder/CEO, says can produce internal rates of return as high as 500 percent.

Suarez explains how crucial it is for brands and retailers to realize that they have to take ownership over what happens in the factory.

“Brands and retailers have to change and develop strategic partnerships with their factories—literally encouraging factories that they have to start reaching certain targets… [Until then] we’re not going to be able to meet the demands of today’s consumers,” said Suarez. “And somebody—which is probably an Amazon—is going to come in and do it, and they’re going to totally disrupt the retailers and brands of our industry.”

Watch the video to learn how to fully realize the benefits of data on the shop floor.