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Intertek Launches E-Fit Support Service

Quality solutions provider Intertek launched on Thursday a computer aided designer (CAD) E-Fit support service for the apparel manufacturing industry. The company aims to reduce product life cycles and increase global competitiveness in textile production and exports with the new service.

Using a combination of hardware and software systems, E-Fit can help manufacturers in developing 3D designs and patterns, and present fabrics stitched onto a virtual model to visualize the final product. The CAD E-Fit Support Service also offers storage of various designs along with the tracking of modifications to provide fast and accurate solutions and provide services to manufacturers globally through HD video conferencing. And to benefit manufacturers and suppliers, it offers use of mass customization strategies.

As technology evolves and consumers’ preferences and demands change, the company noted that timely deliveries and reliable quality are a necessity. In a statement, Intertek said the new CAD system “will cause product life cycles to shrink significantly and increase global competitiveness both in textile production and exports.”

Intertek launched the support system in Gurgaon, India, where Interek regional managing director Rajesh Saigal spoke about the company’s presence in India’s apparel industry. Saigal said, “In India’s fast-growing retail clothing market we see significant opportunities for international and domestic players. Intertek is dedicated to support the increasing demand for textile manufacturing in India through innovations like this, which will help the manufacturers realize cost efficiencies and speed up the delivery process, in addition to providing quality testing of their products. This will help our manufacturers solidify global competencies and enhance acceptability in global markets.”

Manish Kumar, Interek regional director of softlines and country manager for Sri Lanka, Mauritius and Madagascar, added, “Intertek has been a leader in the textile testing market in India since its entrance in 1996. With CAD E-Fit Support Services, we are looking at helping Indian manufacturers with a proactive approach. Reduced costs and better compliance practices will certainly ensure huge dividends to boost the market and product base of garment manufacturing and textile exports.”