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Invertex Unveils Scan-to-Fit Footwear Solution for Sizing

Invertex’s new feet-to-fit footwear solution is enabling consumers to shop with confidence, find the right shoe sizes and curb the problem of footwear returns.

This week, the Israel-based fashion technology company debuted ScanMat, a cost effective footwear solution for consumers, at NRF’s conference in Los Angeles, California. The company aims to help consumers find the right shoe sizes, while equipping footwear retailers with revolutionizing technology to boost sales growth.

“ScanMat transforms point-of-sale into a positive experience and delivers an engaging retail touchpoint, benefiting both retailers and customers,” said Invertex Technologies CEO David Bleicher. “Alongside providing consumers with the confidence of knowing products will fit, retailers can expect their customers with scanned profiles to visit their e-commerce sites more frequently, incur dramatic increase in conversion rates and up to 50 percent reduction in return rates.”

Consumers can scan their feet using the app, which then creates a profile and emails or texts it to the consumer within a few seconds. The consumer can then scan any shoe in the store and receive notifications about their size and other footwear recommendations for their personal style needs. This seamless process automatically redirects consumers to e-commerce, bridging the gap between physical and digital channels. If they aren’t in a store, consumers can scan their feet at home using a retailer app, ensuring they order the correct size online.

ScanMat provides high level sizing accuracy and takes up minimal space in a retail environment. With a unique combination of AI and accurate feet mapping, Invertex can provide personalized recommendations to consumers who may be hesitant about fit, shape or if shoes coordinate with outfits.

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Footwear retailers are also provided the opportunity to connect with consumers and collect data with ScanMat. Invertex collects data from the app that incorporates thousands of shoe models into one convenient platform. Footwear retailers may then use the app’s data as a valid resource for their business divisions, including advertising, customer care and future shoe production. What’s more, footwear retailers can offset competition from online giants, including Amazon, by providing consumers with a reliable shoe size resource in the growing e-commerce space.

Invertex’s advanced footwear solution follows other fit technology developments. While consumers remain dissatisfied with sizes and retailers report that returns are hurting their sales, technology companies are disrupting the industry with 3-D scanning tools. Earlier this year, Israel-based startup, MySize Inc., debuted MySizeID, an app that calculates body measurements and helps consumers find the right apparel sizes online. What’s more, fit experts like Alvanon, have partnered with retailers to deliver data on U.S. consumer shapes and sizes, so consumers can continue to shop with confidence on all channels.