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Isotex and Covestro Team Up to Promote PU Technology

Isotex Engineering, a producer of technologies for technical textile production, and Covestro, formerly known as Bayer MaterialScience, have teamed up to develop environmentally-friendly technologies for polyurethane (PU) synthetics, technical textiles, films and foams.

The joint venture is part of Covestro’s initiative to make more sustainable options for the textile industry.

Together, the companies will create total solutions for the textile sector using INSQIN technology, which uses waterborne polyurethane technology instead of other potentially hazardous solvents.

The intent is to replace PU-coated fabrics with new materials, as is increasingly demanded in the sportswear, fashion and automotive industries.

“We believe waterborne products are the future,” said Stefano Gallucci, CEO of ISOTEX Engineering and Santex Group. “Technology and chemistry are ready after years of R&D efforts. We are very honored of this partnership with Covestro and working worldwide with our clients to help them with this new rich market opportunity.”

The new machines will guarantee optimal production standards, and will be able to use INSQIN technology to produce waterborne PU synthetic materials.