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Joor Offers Brands a Real-Time Window Into Wholesale Performance

Lifestyle wholesale platform Joor added a new feature to its portfolio, giving brands insight into how their products are performing at retail.

On Tuesday the company officially launched Snapshot, a data analysis tool that provides up-to-the-minute insight into a brand’s wholesale activity.

Sales managers using Snapshot can find data about their top-selling styles, retailer performance, wholesale volume, order status and sales. The platform also connects brands with retailers, Joor said in a statement.

The project’s global beta included 50 brand participants who tested the utility and efficacy of the platform’s analysis. Among the most popular features were the ability to measure top-selling styles by number of units sold and top retailers by volume, Joor said.

Joor plans on adding new features to the Snapshot tool in time, including an appointment hub to keep track of buyer appointments and insight into how many views each style garners. Brands will also be able to check retailers’ linesheets and measure actual sales against projections.

Angelique Bardelli, sales coordinator for Yves Salomon, said that the platform’s insights would allow the brand to adjust its sales approach in real-time, focusing on styles that demonstrate the ability to grow revenue.

“Before Snapshot, we would run these reports every two days,” Bardelli said in Joor’s release. “Overall having this summarized view, particularly in busy seasons, will be valuable for our team to help reach our goals.”

Kristin Savilia, Joor’s CEO, explained that the data visualization that Snapshot provides will help brands understand the key metrics of their wholesale businesses.

“Everyone theoretically understands the importance of having data. Yet no one is addressing how difficult it is to manage, let alone utilize in day-to-day business,” she said. She explained that the Snapshot platform’s ultimate goal is to make data “practical, easy and useful” for brands trying to grow and manage their wholesale accounts.

Joor claims to be the largest fashion wholesale platform in the world, counting 8,600 brands and 200,000 retailers across the globe as users.