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Lectra Debuts New Cutting Room Optimization Tool

Lectra, a leading provider of integrated technology solutions designed for industries using fabrics and textiles, aims to help manufacturers remain both profitable and competitive with its new cutting room optimization tool, Optiplan V3R4. The company announced Thursday the release of the latest version of its Optiplan solution for apparel manufacturing, designed to give operations a competitive edge by saving time, reducing costs and boosting efficiency.

The optimization tool works with the fashion industry’s trend toward producing smaller orders in a variety of styles and colors, combined with shorter-than-ever lead times. It helps to increase production speed and add flexibility to production, so companies can handle a higher volume of smaller orders, while continuing to protect profit margins. Optiplan V3R4 also allows manufacturers to run what-if simulations based on various planning and manufacturing situations, which helps to boost efficiency.

Fabric is usually the largest contributing factor when it comes to how much the garment will cost, therefore improving how it is cut and processed is critical, Lectra reported. With Optiplan V3R4, producers can easily determine their design-to-cost and manufacture-to-cost options, and by predicting the amount of fabric needed for a given production run, fabric orders are minimized and raw material inventories are also reduced.

Companies are already lauding the technology. Société De Lingerie deputy director Kais Masmoudi said, “With the improved workflow between order planning and processing, we are saving a remarkable amount of time. We are also able to mix more styles and sizes to better manage our fabric consumption.”