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Lectra Debuts New Fabric Cutting Solution for Fashion Manufacturing

The technology company introduced a new version of its fabric-cutting solution, Vector iQ, on Tuesday. Unlike its predecessor, the new Vector iQ can boost productivity up to 10 percent with patented continuous cutting and predictive maintenance.

The new Vector iQ brings Eclipse continuous cutting to fashion manufacturers, a tool that was once only available on higher-end models. Developed 22 years ago by Lectra and used by more than 4,000 companies worldwide, Eclipse increases productivity up to 10 percent.

It also helps businesses maintain a competitive cost per part cut and an optimized total cost of ownership, since it cuts down on waste. To that end, Vector iQ and Eclipse offer fashion manufactures the ability to boost production and reliability in today’s competitive market.

Lectra Power Premium service coverage will also be offered for the first time with entry-level Vector models. The service covers predictive maintenance, which minimizes the risk of machine downtime and stoppage. Lectra Power Premium customers can also achieve up to 98 percent machine availability, with the service’s data-driven diagnostics and recommendations. These remote diagnostics allow data collected on customer premises to be interpreted in real time, which enables the Lectra customer care team to alert customers of potential technical issues.

“The Vector iQ is a sophisticated yet accessible new breed of fabric-cutting solution, enabling tremendous gains in productivity and uptime,” Lectra chief marketing and communications officer Céline Choussy Bedouet said. “Both of which are sources of value for our customers, whether they produce vehicle seating, furniture or fashion clothing. Versatile and affordable, it scales up performance to a new standard.”