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Lectra’s New Kubix Link Unifies Fashion Systems End-to-End

Fashion consumers aren’t slowing down, so Lectra is giving apparel companies tools to meet their need for speed.

Kubix Link is Lectra’s latest cloud-based technology offering and this one creates an end-to-end pipeline connecting conception and ideation through customer-facing activities, like point-of-sale. Lectra said fashion’s accelerating cadence of new collections is resulting in staggering volume of “fragmented data” that, to be useful, must live in a streamlined, centralized repository. Kubix Link gathers internal and customer-facing data in one location so apparel executives can make informed decisions with a wealth of knowledge sources at their fingertips.

Lectra said product lifecycle management, product information management and digital asset management are built into Kubix Link, and it can integrate with other systems like ERP, CRM and WMS. Kubix Link is also able to “process massive volumes of data coming from all parts of the fashion ecosystem, consolidating all information and presenting it in a structured and comprehensible manner efficiently,” Lectra added.

Roberto Moreno, Zumba’s CFO and head of apparel, noted that Lectra “shares our priorities of innovation and end-user experience.”

Being able to access PLM in real time from anywhere is instrumental to seamless collaboration at Zuma, Moreno added. “With Kubix Link PLM, Lectra has delivered a solution that is configurable and scalable to our rapidly expanding employee base and consumer needs, offering us a digital window into our complex business and production network,” he said.

Lectra said Kubix Link incorporates the familiarity of slick web interfaces with social-style communication features to facilitate cross-disciplinary collaboration one whatever device users prefer.

Because today’s fashionistas maintain a “holistic” approach to shopping, apparel companies must follow suit, said Lectra CMO and chief communications officer Céline Choussy. “They don’t just value the product; they care about their brand experience as well,” she said of fashion consumers. “Instead of focusing on just the items, we also want to help fashion companies manage the entire customer journey and reach their target consumers at every touchpoint.”

“Kubix Link is the solution for the everyday web user” who relies on technology to get the job done, Choussy, added. “It is simple and intuitive. It is everything you need in the palm of your hand.”