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LevaData Unveils First AI Advisor for Strategic Sourcing and Procurement

LevaData is tapping the power of AI to make strategic sourcing and procurement more seamless for the apparel industry.

The California-based technology company recently debuted Leva, the world’s first AI advisor for strategic sourcing and procurement. Developed for supply chain professionals, Leva combines multiple AI technologies with intelligent assistance—enabling cost savings and production efficiency from sourcing to finished product.

“Leva is revolutionary because it leverages the true power of AI, including crowd-sourced intelligence, predictive cost modeling, and targeted evaluation of risks and opportunities, for the kind of strategic decision support that empowers sourcing and procurement functions to drive sustainable competitive advantage,” said LevaData CEO and founder Rajesh Kalidindi.

Built on LevaData’s Cognitive Sourcing Platform, Leva facilitates a “cognitive sourcing cycle” that guides strategic supply chain professionals through savings opportunities and sourcing risks. Leva was designed to provide industry members with maximum purchasing leverage and compiles sourcing insights based on several factors, including financial impact, time horizon and market intelligence.

Leva analyzes more than 40 negotiation levers used in thousands of sourcing events and recommends the most effective lever to improve sourcing negotiation strategy and outcomes. This machine learning technology allows industry members to seamlessly engage in strategic sourcing and procurement with several features, including response behavior evaluations, ongoing searches for value-based outcomes and the ability to create semi-autonomous or autonomous sourcing events.

Personalized sourcing recommendations are also part of Leva’s advanced capabilities. Leva provides custom recommendations based on supply chain roles, scope of control and security. These contextual insights are delivered to the right person at the right time, so companies can act quickly on sourcing problems that may arise with their supply chains.